Ways To Stay Focused On Your Business This Summer

Ways To Stay Focused On Your Business This Summer

Published: June 01, 2022

Depending on where you live, summer may already have arrived, and with it, endless distractions. Between kids getting out of school, vacation plans, and the new hires you’re onboarding for summer work, distractions are unfolding everywhere you turn. Add to that the warm summer breeze calling you out to happy hours, parks, and lawn chairs, and it’s really challenging to focus on your business. Don’t worry—here are some tips for staying focused on your business during the warm months.

  • Identify major distractions and limit multitasking. Think about what the biggest disruptions in your day are and find ways to eliminate or reduce them. This may mean finding a quieter workspace or ways to set and enforce boundaries between you and others. Limit the number of tasks you do at once. Having too many can make you feel scattered and flustered, sabotaging your progress. Try not to multitask between personal and work matters.
  • Learn to communicate asynchronously. Don’t pull yourself out of focus mode by reacting to every phone call and message as they occur, especially non-work-related  ones. Set aside time to respond in a batch. Manage expectations about your availability and try to craft messages conclusively to avoid endless follow-ups. Both of these practices will help you gain more control over your own time—remember, you’re the boss!
  • Create a schedule for your children. For those of you who have kids, when they are out of school, it’s essential to implement daily structure for them in ways that allow you to work uninterrupted. Extracurricular activities can work well for part of the day, especially if your children can carpool with friends. Consider establishing safe screen time, nap time, and other self-directed activities when the kids are at home. Let them know they should try not to interrupt you for certain periods of the day.
  • Have fun once in a while. The point of staying focused on your business isn’t to deprive yourself of the joys of summer—it’s to maximize your productivity between them. Allowing yourself to attend the occasional barbeque or pool party, or taking a long weekend for a getaway, is actually good for productivity in the long run. Adequate downtime can refresh your brain and prepare it for enhanced focus when you return to work. For this to be effective, never do work during times you’ve set aside for fun. 

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