The Benefits of Partnering with Nonprofits

The Benefits of Partnering with Nonprofits

Published: April 01, 2022

Even a small company can make a big impact with a nonprofit partnership. As an entrepreneur who is also a customer, you’ve likely already seen a few of these in action—and even been favorably impressed. Here are some examples of nonprofit partnerships and what they can offer for all involved.

Nonprofit Partnerships Examples

Deciding how to work with a nonprofit offers plenty of opportunities for creativity. Just a few ways to do this include:

  • Matching funds (match the donation amounts customers make to the organization)
  • Redirect funds (find funding you don’t need and redirect it to the nonprofit)
  • Fundraising for products (use the money you raise to provide material goods to a nonprofit)
  • Offer free products or services to a nonprofit
  • Give some or all of the proceeds from a product or service to a nonprofit

Nonprofit Partnership Benefits

Here are some of the ways that these relationships can benefit both your business and the community around it: 

  • Increase awareness. For nonprofits, partnering with a business can boost the public’s awareness of the organization and their mission. The business gains a reputation for being community- and civic-minded. Making a positive impression on customers by doing so adds to a company’s branding charisma and can help to provide that “something extra” for the buck that builds customer loyalty.
  • Improve employee engagement. Partnering with nonprofits adds interest to the employee work experience and can even increase job satisfaction. This in turn can improve employee retention, which saves businesses time and money and makes them more productive overall. Helping to support a nonprofit mission inspires employees to take extra pride in their work and to be more community-minded themselves.
  • Boost community pride and connectedness. Partnering with nonprofits gives customers ways to support multiple community entities in one transaction. It also helps to remind people of what they love about their town or city and how they can make it a better place. Fostering community pride discourages crime, boosts the local economy, and helps everyone thrive and prosper.
  • Charitable donations can offer tax breaks for businesses. If your partnership involves making a donation to a nonprofit, your business may be eligible for some worthwhile tax deductions.

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