Hiring Strategies for Small Businesses

Hiring Strategies for Small Businesses

Published: December 15, 2021

How to Hire Employees for a Small Business in Difficult Times

Although many entrepreneurs focus on the difficulty of competing with larger companies for well-qualified employees, they may also have some advantages—even and especially in difficult post-pandemic times. After a long period of layoffs as well as safety and equity concerns, many candidates are looking for more than a paycheck in a prospective employer. Here are some tips for hiring employees for your small business.

Promote a Culture of Caring and Community-Mindedness

The present cultural moment may actually be the best time to shine for small businesses hiring to meet demand. Consumers are favoring unique products and supporting local businesses, and applicants may as well. There's also an emphasis on community messaging and solidarity. A simple window sign can help signal your company values and attract candidates who share them. 

By prioritizing safety, equity, and community connectedness in the workplace and by promoting those values in recruitment efforts, small companies can attract employees who care as much about company culture as they do their paychecks.

Hiring Strategies in Any Socioeconomic Climate

No matter the socioeconomic climate, small companies can offer many things that their larger counterparts can’t. For example, a more intimate working environment allows employees to build a good rapport with coworkers and prove themselves in more capacities. This can attract those who thrive in a holistic operations environment, seek hands-on experience, or dream of opening their own small business. Here’s how to hire the best applicants:

  • Write an effective job ad. Besides providing clear information about the role, qualification requirements, and application instructions, engage readers as much as possible. Authentically express your company values, list job highlights, and indicate which benefits or perks come with the position.
  • Promote your ad intelligently. Use online job boards, social media, your website, industry publications, or even word of mouth: tell your friends, colleagues, and employees you’re hiring. 
  • Screen candidates. Candidate screening can include phone interviews, questionnaires, tests, or work sample requests. Respect applicants’ time and let them know what to expect in your interview process.
  • Interview candidates. Ask questions to help you find a good fit for the company, but show you care about being a good fit for candidates as well. Provide important company information, allow interviewees time to ask questions, and be fair to all applicants.

Improve Your Hiring Strategies With a Business Accelerator Program

Enrolling in a business accelerator program and working one on one with a business coach is an excellent way to get guidance on hiring strategies for your business. If you’re a growth-minded small business in the Northwest Chicagoland area, consider applying for admission to an accelerator program and getting coaching with Next Level Northwest.  

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