Fall Marketing Tips For Small Businesses

Fall Marketing Tips For Small Businesses

Published: October 01, 2022

Seasonal marketing is intuitive and fun, and when you do it right, customers will happily flock in to make purchases. Fall is an especially great season for marketing because of its inherent frivolity (for non-students, at least). The season is replete with the return of fall sports, festive colors, harvest-themed goods, and creative decor and costumes. Here are some fall marketing ideas geared toward ramping up your revenue this season:

  • Have a “goodbye summer” sale. Just because your customers are excited for fall doesn’t mean they won’t be interested in a good deal. You can move your summer products and make space for fall ones by offering an end-of-season sale. It can bring customers to your literal and virtual doors—and if they’re impressed, they may well come back for your autumn offerings, too.
  • Offer early-bird discounts. Particularly if fall products or services are a big part of your business, offer discounts on them before the season is in full swing to get customers warmed up for all things autumn. If not, consider including a free “it” item with certain purchases, or partner with a more seasonal business to add a little (pumpkin) spice to your customer’s lives.
  • Window-dress your social media and website pages. Change all of your content spaces to reflect fall colors and current fall trends. Make sure the colors and images are fresh and inviting. There are a wide variety of color schemes to play with, so be creative, especially if the usual oranges, reds, and yellows don’t work with your branding.
  • Post fall-themed content. Choose compelling images and messages that form a strong intersection between autumn themes and the things your business does best. Be sure they are designed to touch on your audience’s seasonal emotions and anticipation, and post them early to get customers primed for fall purchases. Some ideas include seasonal recipes, decor, outdoor outings, and, of course, Halloween costumes.
  • Retool your back-to-school theme. Although the most dire threats of the pandemic have faded, many schools will continue to offer remote learning options this fall. If a back-to-school marketing theme makes sense for your business, consider language and product tie-ins to remote learning as well.

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